Bad War by Summer Cooper & Stephen Kingston

Zeb is sent home from Vietnam broken and bruised. All he wants from life is to recuperate at home with his loving wife Mary and their new son Joshua. He soon finds that the townsfolk he grew up with have gone a little mad and the only way to escape the madness is to seclude himself with his family. When his friend arrives on the doorstep having just been released from duty, he welcomes him in with open arms but Cherokee Joe is about to burst his idyllic life’s bubble.

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I won’t give away any spoilers but it definitely surprised me. The beginning, where Zeb is in Vietnam, was quite refreshing and a complete change from what came later. The sex scenes jarred slightly because the romance between the couple was a little stark but they weren’t overdone.

The cover suggests that the book is marketed at women but I don’t feel the story is aimed at either gender so keep an open mind guys.


Vampire Soul (Heartblaze #1) by Shay Roberts

Emma has never fit into society and that has a lot to do with her gift. Being able to see someone’s soul tends to set her apart from most other people, that is until she meets Stefan. Feeling drawn to him saves her life but with so many people, human and others, chasing her she runs. Of course, running straight into a predator while chasing your haunted dreams isn’t quite the ticket to happiness she hoped it would be.

This story is a full-on adventure rather than a simple romance so don’t let the cover fool you. Not only is there a little love triangle to get your teeth into but several supernatural creatures who are hell-bent (excuse the pun) on taking Emma out of circulation.

Emma’s character is complicated and she might not always take the logical path but she doesn’t disappoint on action. She’s a strong female lead with an in-depth history that is released slowly throughout the book.

This is a series that should be read in sequence and if you like more than a carefree romance with your paranormal / supernaturals then get stuck in. I look forward to the next book.


The Loneliest Alpha (The MacKellan Alphas #1) by T. A. Grey

When Alicia is blindfolded and carted off to a new pack, she doesn’t know what to expect. Her first thoughts are of escape and her next are to uncover the mystery of the pack’s alpha but as the story unfolds, she finds her life is in great danger and not from the alpha.

Gavin is intrigued by Alicia, one of the women sent to be his prospective mate. She has more spirit than anyone he’s ever met and her beauty is beyond compare. Her attempts at escape are soon replaced by her desire to see his face and he will do anything to stop that happening.

This is the shifter equivalent of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. Gavin is the honourable but destroyed beast and Alicia is beauty with a fierce independence and desire to be free. The external interruptions slow down the chance of romance, drawing it out and giving the story a depth that would have been otherwise lacking.


Saved by the Woodsman by Eddie Cleveland

Ashley’s life seems perfect from the outside. She has a career and a whole load of followers on Instagram along with her perfect new fiancé. She has spent years honing herself to be the darling princess of selfies or to be precise belfies. When she decides the celebrate her engagement in a snowy resort her perfect life begins to crack and she takes off.

When Sawyer first sees her he’s tempted to leave her to freeze in the snow but once thawed he treats her to some valuable lessons and uncovers the mystery behind her façade. When the storm stops they must both choose.

I initially picked this book up for its cover, well done Cleveland it was a good choice. I am really glad that I found it because it hit all my requirements for a good romance and fulfilled my cabin in the woods fantasy too.

Ashley was shallow in the beginning and I was worried for a bit but it didn’t last long and I was soon emotionally attached to her. Sawyer was an enigma for just a little longer but the conflict between the pair was delicious and that’s exactly what I want to see in a good romance. Their relationship didn’t come easy and their separate issues had to be overcome before they allowed themselves to sink into their relationship. The story made me laugh and cry and then ended well. Perfect.


Wolfheart: A Heartblaze Novelette by Shay Roberts

Ash’s life is hard. She separates herself from parents who don’t care for her and starts a new life on a small farm in Corby with her dogs. When something kills some of her livestock, she prepares to fend off the beast but then she meets Magnus. Just as her attraction for him builds she finds that he may just be the beast that savaged her animals.

This is an unusual paranormal story, and it teaches us a little about the town of Corby and the paranormal world that Roberts has created. The characters are strong even for such a small word count and it definitely got me interested enough to read more of Roberts’ work.


A Viking Ghost for Valentine’s Day (Gambling Ghosts Series #2) by Jo-Ann Carson

When Abby takes a job in the new town she doesn’t expect much but cleaning the haunted tearoom brings plenty of action into her life. Not only is something evil out to destroy her family but a ghostly gambling ring is making her work a noisy affair.

This is a very readable and amusing novella although I feel it was too short to explore any real romance or emotional issues. The storyline and setting were unusual and interesting and if the book was longer it would be brilliant. It has set the path for a good series, however.


Rock Hard Mountain Man: A Bad boy Billionaire Romance by Rye Hart

When Maggie’s mother dies, leaving her two teenage brothers home alone, Maggie leaves college and moves back to hold her family together. With a dead-end job and no end of unpaid bills, she takes a new job in the newly located billionaire’s cabin on the mountainside. Little does she know that she will be getting more than she bargained for with Tyler Jenner.

This short romance set the scene, made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes all in a very short word count. Maggie is a sweet but not too innocent virgin and Tyler is your typical playboy at first glance but things soon change and the dynamic is good if a little short. I really feel this book would benefit from a few extra pages but it’s a good romance, regardless.