This book has a many sub plots that come together in a fantastic finale. Cameron is a loved-up security agent working for his local nuclear power plant. He’s bored with his job and the only reason he still turns up every day is because Grace, his new girlfriend, also works there. There are plenty of characters to become attached to, but he was my favourite, and I followed him from the edge of my seat, hoping that he would make it out alive. The story is set in and around the confines of the power plant, and so much detail has gone into the workings and layout that you might think you would be bogged down with it, but this is not so. The writer makes sure you know where you are and who you are with at all times, and by the middle of the book you become so engrossed within it that you almost feel like you work there yourself.

I really enjoyed this book, the story was intricate and amazing. The love interest between Cameron and Grace was endearing and exciting. The interaction between the terrorist was eye opening and really enriched the story giving it a completely three dimensional feel. I consider this book to be an amazing piece of work, which touches some sensitive issues in a thoughtful and entertaining way.The Wind Guardian


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