Afraid byMandasue Heller

This book had me gripping the edge of my seat the entire way through. Skye doesn’t have grand ambitions, but they don’t include having her life turned upside down by her mother and her mismanaged illness. If only she had stayed at her friend’s house that day, instead of walking in on the chaos of her home life. Things quickly jump from bad to worse and then continue on the slippery slope, and Skye has to reinvent herself to hold onto the small bit of life that she is left with. This is a tragic and moving story about a girl who, from no fault of her own, finds one terrible situation after another. The people that love her are not able to help and she is at the mercy of those who continually harm her. I shed tears for Skye; the character was well-written and the story unfolded in a fantastically suspenseful manner. A brilliant story.


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Gothic Mansion Books

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