Meet Saffron: werewolf, girl, lover of pizza

Saffron is fifteen when it all begins; when her life becomes super-complicated in the most supernatural way. There are three big things that happen in Saffron’s teenaged life (before the really big things happen) and they all happen within a few weeks of each other:


  1. She gets bitten by a werewolf.

This doesn’t worry her as much as you would think it should. She takes it in her stride and thinks werewolf, not so bad. She likes the fact that she will have super strength, enhanced senses, and she will never get fat.


  1. She starts her period.

Not so good but due to her super powers she can get free panty liners from the dispenser in the toilets. The fact that she can smell the blood of every other girl in the school who is also having her period sucks big time.


  1. She meets a boy who would have avoided her had she been human.

He’s hot, he’s moody, and he stinks of blood. When he calls her ‘puppy’ she knows that it’s not just a term of endearment, nope, he’s saying she stinks like a dog. Like any fifteen-year-old girl with a crush on the boy of her nightmares, she falls head over heels in love with him.


You may be thinking that it’s not so bad. The girl gets to run wild one day a month with her bestie, gets to date the icy cool school hottie, and can eat a whole cow as long as it’s served with ketchup. The trouble is, her boyfriend is a day walker; he’s not even the same species as her. When the two get close they are likely to kill each other.


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