Welcome to the world of Bite Me

Imagine a world where different species from the supernatural world live alongside humans, only, the human population, for the most part, have no idea. The Bite Me series is situated in the UK, predominantly the South East, but they do tend to wander nationally, globally, and inter-dimensionally.

Topside is the term they use for the human plane, or if you want to use its correct term the Level Plane. The White Palace is a kind of heaven, but not quite. This is where you want to go if you need to recycle a soul, or have judgement passed on your life. Just don’t drink from the fountain, trust me.

The In-between and the Underworld are just as scary as you would think, I lie of course, they are far worse than your imagination can create. The In-between is a gloomy grey land where mist and rain dampen your soul until it is nothing but a faded image. It is where the ghosts reside, and no matter how hard you try to hide, the men in the black raincoats will find you.

If you buy a ticket from the antiquated ticket office you may be allowed to travel by tube train to the Underworld. Why you would want to go, well, you just wouldn’t. Should you have to, however, beware of the food and drink, it’s addictive, and watch for those who trade in souls. Whatever you do, don’t go to the East side, and most definitely do not fall into the black river.

If you should need to see the King of the Underworld you will have to get into the most terrifying elevator in history. If you survive the journey don’t forget that the King may trick you and you really don’t want to be tricked in the Underworld.


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