Tiger in her Bed by Lizzie Lynn Lee

I received this book free in return for an honest review.

Quinn is the kind of boss you drool over, not kiss while intoxicated on the New Year’s Eve party. Vanessa doesn’t listen to reason however and the events of that night take her life down an entirely new path; a dangerous path with big teeth and claws.

This novella starts with a sweet girl who knows who she is and I liked Vanessa from the onset; she wasn’t weak, girly, or needy and owned a sense of humour. The story is sweet and romantic, aside from the steamy scenes, and Quinn’s vulnerability is endearing and makes him a realistic character. The sexy scenes are energetic by Olympian standards and I’m not convinced a human could withstand the attentions of a weretiger, but they were certainly good entertainment.



Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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