Silence by Natasha Preston

Oakley has spent her entire life with her best friend Cole, and when she stops speaking at the age of five their friendship continues uninterrupted. He comforts her like no other can and he always knows what she’s thinking. Oakley is hiding a huge secret, and if she should ever let it out it would destroy her family and possibly even her friendship with Cole.

This book had me hooked from the start, despite the need for a polish. The reader is continually waiting for the secret to be revealed and the author knows just when to unwind the information, releasing it slowly causing a build-up of tension. The book is full of first-time love and is deeply romantic but the undercurrent of the past bubbles under the surface. The two main characters were easy to love and the reader may be forced to shed tears by the end of the book.


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Gothic Mansion Books

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