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CQ International

Welcome to the CQ Cover Gallery.

Here you can browse all the covers of CQ International and see how the magazine has evolved, from its humble origins as a promotional medium for a writer, to a fully fledged international publication for all forms of artistic talent, with a readership extending to over Thirty-Three countries worldwide.

Jan8th15 JANUARY 8TH 2015

This was the first ‘magazine’ publication from the CQ stable.

You will note the title, ‘Rambling Away’ this was to keep the publication in-line with Paul’s Blog’s which have similer titles

It was in fact, just a fancy promotional tool for Paul White’s (CQ’s Editor) own works!

Jan27th15JANUARY 27th 2015 

Paul White’s original publication connected with other writers, who asked if they could have their works included in the ‘Rambling Away’magazine.

April15APRIL 2015

This was the first edition of ‘Rambling Away’ where we activly asked artists, other than writers, if they would…

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