Pines by Blake Crouch

Ethan Burke wakes up in a strange place with a huge gap in his memory. He knows that he works for the secret Service, but without his ID and badge, he’s going to have a hard time proving it to the people of Wayward Pines.

This book takes us through a harrowing few days in Ethan’s life, beginning on the day that he wakes up by the river. The reader can feel his frustration and anger, the fear and the futility of his actions. We watch as he rides the rollercoaster of his life where nothing is as it seems. The story unfolds slowly building layers of mystery and Ethan just can’t seem to break through them.

This book is full of suspense and doesn’t reveal much until the very end. Ethan’s is someone you can sympathize with, and the problems he goes through make you sit on the edge of your chair, biting your fingernails. The town itself is creepy enough to terrorize the reader, and it just gets creepier. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and having just found that it is being made into a TV series, I think I will indulge in that as well.



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