Kynan By Desirae Grove

I received this book as a review copy for free, in return for an honest review.

If you have read the previous book then you have already met Kynan and Elysa. Kynan is a werepanther whose first encounter with Elysa was at a party, where he was, in his enchantment, attempting to abduct her and take her to her death. Free from the enchantment they had begun a relationship, but her weak human frailty makes him treat her like glass, causing problems between them. Elysa does tend to get herself into trouble and when she is rejected by Kynan once more, after a fiery night in the forest, she decides to take control of her fate, or to be more precise, she allows the Djinn to take her of her wishes.

This is a sweet, romantic book with a heavily paranormal setting. A little romance, a little steamy, and plenty of danger. I like the light and easy humour and the likeability of the characters. It isn’t full of deep and meaningful prose, and it doesn’t convey a message or delve heavily into the backstory. This is a book you can pick up and know that firstly, it will end happily, and secondly, it will make you smile.



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