Insane By H. G. Lynch


Callie is just a regular teenage girl, with a pretty normal family life, that is until her best friend Chester dies. Wracked with guilt and grief her attempt at suicide brings Chester’s ghost to her side and before long her father has her locked up in an asylum.

Callie begins to make friends, opens her heart, and things look great for both her and her damaged boyfriend Casey. Their romance gives them the strength to heal and move forward, and we as readers become invested in their relationship.

This book is a horror, make no mistake about that. I steamed through the story because it was compelling and the characters were sweet and emotionally likable and I really enjoyed the romance. It was only towards the end that the horror really began to show and the timely unraveling of the story worked really well. The author hooked us in and slaughtered us.

The book was well written, beautifully crafted, and hits the reader exactly where a good horror should. This book is a great introduction to H. G. Lynch’s work and I intend to investigate her work further.


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