Lust (Lust, Money & Murder #1) by Mike Wells

Elaine is driven in her studies and spends years trying to attain her one goal. She wants to join the secret service so she can bring the man who ruined her life to justice. Her plan goes well, and when she finally sets out to find him she realises that her efforts have been wasted. She also finds that there are plenty more men who cannot be trusted, men that are driven by lust.

This novella is an introduction to a short series and in this instalment, we get to know Elaine and her desire to bring about justice. The writing is clipped with a tight word count which is refreshing. When you get to the end of the story you realise that it is probably one novel divided into three parts and sold separately. The ending is the sharpest cliffhanger I’ve seen in a long while. The book was well written and compelling, and the protagonist is an easy character to like. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but I would rather see the series as a whole book.Lust book 1 mike wells


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