Surrey Street Market ~ the oldest in the country

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Surrey Street Market sign croydonIn Croydon, Surrey Street Market has traded since 1236 making it the oldest known street market in all of Britain.   But even with this legacy, Mary Portas (aka Mary Queen of Shops) has been brought in to revitalize this historic market that still struggles to capitalize on its potential.  Surrey Street market is only one of 20 or so ‘Portas Pilot’ areas that will benefit from a focused effort to revitalize the community.  Today while fruit and vegetables are still common offerings, a focus on ‘street food’ has made this medieval market worth a visit, and with the likely changes in store for it, keep this market on your list to periodically visit.

Vintage surrey street marketHistory:  While a market may have existed here even earlier, there is documentation of a market being here in 1236.  It was not until 1276 that an official charter was granted for a Wednesday market by the…

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2 thoughts on “Surrey Street Market ~ the oldest in the country”

  1. Love Surrey St Market. First went there as a four/five year old child, with my mother (who was taken by her mother!). 25years later I moved to Croyden, lived there for three years and took my own son. (he was around the same age as when I first visited). Great & fond memories of the stall holders, cafe’s & parrot!
    If you get a chance GO!

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    1. I grew up in Croydon and there’s nowhere like it. Every Saturday morning, as a kid, I went to the cafe with my family. As a teenager, me and my friends bought patches for our jean jackets there. Fond memories.


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