The Damaged by Simon Law

Tammy is a carer who just can’t seem to care for herself. She has a drinking problem that ruined her relationship with both her partner and her daughter, and no matter how many AA meetings she attends she doesn’t feel connected to anything or anyone. She is broken but when she meets her new client, Matthew, she sees that he is so much more broken than her. The difference between them is that he is optimistic, especially when it comes to her.

This book is very intense, in that we become very embroiled in Tammy and Matthew’s thought process. The fact that they are so incredibly broken and slipping down a hopeless slope into the abyss makes the reader cling on to the hope that things will get better. I won’t give any spoilers away, you will just have to see for yourself.

The characters are exceptionally three dimensional and you can’t but help feel that they are real, so when something happens to them the reader is transfixed. The book really drew me in and gave me plenty to think about. Within the genre of horror, this book has hit more than one subgenre. It has a definite psychological horror theme but it also shows the horror of human nature, and how easily life can tumble out of control. Mental illness within the horror genre is particularly disturbing, and this book really explores that.

The Damaged


Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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