Her Hacker Dragon (Her Biker Dragon #4) by A. J. Tipton

I received this book for free in return for an honest review. Penelope is being attacked by two dragon shifters when she first meets Alec, the hot, powerful biker dragon. As a vampire, she would have had the strength to fight them had they attacked her at night-time, but lucky for her Alec turns up as her knight in shining armour. She knows immediately that there’s something different about him but she doesn’t care because he’s hot, kind, and really into her.

Penelope is a warm sweet character and Alec, if you’ve read the series, is just right for her. The story isn’t completely focused on the romance but is working towards the bigger story, the fight the dragon shifters are having with the High Council.

This book is an easy read with plenty of feel-good romance, but it’s also part of a series that you can get stuck into. I particularly like the transgender aspect of the book because it makes it stand out from all of the others on the market at the moment.


Her Hacker Dragon


Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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