The Keys: Unlock your Dream Life by Myranda Love

This book is an inspirational text giving a full and in-depth exploration of how people fail themselves and how to fix it. It’s more than just therapy it’s a complete workout with side-notes. It teaches you how to re-train your brain to release negative thoughts and associations and override them with positive, affirmations. You can learn to love yourself and put your happiness first, making a plan for the future with realistic goals.

If you have ever considered buying a self-help book then consider this one because of its intensely structured program and the fact that it contains real steps, and real proven methods to attain the future that you deserve. Its entrepreneurial theme really teaches you to aim the bar high and gives you the confidence you need to move forward.

The author’s passion really shines through in her words and it gives the reader the added spur to change.

The Keys unlock your dream life


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Gothic Mansion Books

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