The Bite Me series

Bite Me – the epic paranormal fantasy series

Bite me is a series that is based in a world where vampires, werewolves, and other creatures live alongside humans, only most humans don’t have a clue.

Book 1 begins with a girl called Saffron, she becomes a werewolf after being bitten by one and fully embraces the change, but when she falls in love with a vampire, things get complicated. Vampires are poisonous to werewolves and that’s the same both ways.

The story continues with a group of teenagers, a corrupt Council, and an angel with a drinking problem and a liking for bad women.

Book 2 focuses on the naughty angel and his friends. A new character enters and throws the scene into chaos. The angel is a wildly funny and devious creature, but we all like a bit of naughty and nice, right?

Book 3 widens the world a little more and brings the teenagers back. They use their unique skills to track the terrifying and formidable Doctor Weldon and his extreme experiments. Who knows how many deaths are in his blood-soaked, dirt encrusted hands? Saffron has to make some big decisions, but danger sticks to her butt like skinny jeans.

Book 4 sees the werecat species in all their sensual glory. The playful creatures are back and ready for action but only under their own terms. Will anyone be able to help the Council who have been off the radar for weeks? All hell is about to let loose.

Join the epic adventure and let it invade your dreams. Life will never be the same after you’ve read the Bite Me series.

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