Nessa: A Breeders Story by Katie French

Nessa is used to being hunted and taken advantage of, being one of the rarest commodities in the world. She doesn’t expect to find kindness, and especially not love, but she finds both and spends a few blissful months in the arms of Marlin. Nothing last forever and she has to make a choice, it might be the hardest choice to make but she wants to do it with dignity.

Having read the first three books in the series before this novella I was thrilled to find that it enriches the books that I’ve already read. Nessa is an integral part of the dystopian world and to find out how she came to join the Breeders was brilliant. The story is exciting and I had to read it all in one setting. If a reader picks this book up before reading the first in the series then it would definitely hook them into the epic series.



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