The Blackhouse by Peter May

Fin Macleod thought he’d escaped the island for good, making a life in Edinburgh and putting past events far into the back of his mind. With his son recently in his grave the police force send him to the island to investigate, being that he’s the only one who speaks Gaelic. As the mystery unfolds, so do Fin’s own memories, taking him back to a love and a life that he’d worked hard to forget. Fin learns more about the island and himself than he bargained for and it all comes to a terrifying crescendo that Fin could never have foreseen.

This thriller and its timely unfolding left me sitting on the edge of my chair. The suspense was very intense toward the end and I could not have put the book down if I tried. Between the beautiful description of the island and the tightly wound plot, this book is a must read. The islander’s parochial viewpoint and set traditions give the book a unique essence that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Black House


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