Legion Lost by K. C. Finn

This is a world where children are collected and used as expendable warriors and the population is split between the system, a dictatorship of cruel proportions and underground burrows where people try to hide away from the strict regime. A young girl has lived her whole life underground without seeing daylight once, that, is until they come to clean out her community.

She must fight to stay hidden in plain sight and guard her secrets by any means. When she meets Stirling, her dream of finding her family is divided by her growing feelings for the Highlander but their secrets threaten to destroy everything.

This is an epic story with a strong dystopian world that you can really lose yourself in. The pace is fast and exciting and you always feel the danger of being caught. Raja is a strong female protagonist with plenty of depth so the reader can grow to really care what happens to her along the way. The system and dictatorship remind me of Orwell’s Big Bother regime because it is advertised as a place of value and worth but in reality is just another method of control.

This book is a brilliant read and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.


Legion Lost


Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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