Pretty Girls By Karin Slaughter

When Claire’s husband is brutally killed in front of her she doesn’t think she will ever feel right again. He looked after her for twenty years with complete dedication and she no longer remembers how to be strong without him. It isn’t until she inadvertently discovers his biggest secret that her whole world really does fall apart. Claire’s entire life has been a lie and all she wants is her big sister, Lydia, who she cast out twenty years before.

This book really delves into some seriously twisted crimes with an honest, clear view. The author doesn’t embellish the story with the gory details but slips just enough into the plot to keep the reader just a little bit scared. She intersperses the tense and suspenseful moments with a journal full of highly emotional confessions and letters from Claire’s father written for her missing sister.

This is a spectacular thriller in that the plot is brilliantly woven, and the two lead females have such fully developed characters that we are immersed into the story so completely. This has been my first Karin Slaughter book and I am glad to say it will not be my last.

Pretty Girls


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