All of Us Were Sophie by Resa Nelson

Sophie knows that someone is trying to kill her and the only way to ensure that she survives is to duplicate herself. She needs to unravel the clues and solve the puzzle before the killer can find her, but when she finds that her last two weeks of memory are missing this becomes an even harder task. She needs to work out where Jack is and what happened to him, but the clues lead her to more danger.

This book is quite unique with its science fiction aspects. It’s a cross between sci-fi and a cosy mystery with a small amount of action and suspense. The plot was complicated and sometimes a little hard to follow but well worth it. Sophie’s husband Jack is a bit two dimensional but the author gave all three duplicates a separate personality even though they were clones, and they worked well. I think it would work better as a film because of the potential visual aspects.

All of us were Sophie


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