Isosceles Moon by Keith C. Blackmore

Isosceles draws the short straw when he picks up the pizza delivery for the mysterious tower block. He ignores the warning signs in the lobby and continues up to a whole heap of trouble. He isn’t the only one who falls for the lies that entice people into the tower of doom, the evidence is littered in the lift.

When I first picked this book up I assumed from the cover that it would be a simple ghost story. I was wrong, there’s nothing simple or familiar about the story. It is unique, full of depth, and compelling. Even though it is a novella there’s plenty of meat within to sink your teeth into. The characters are realistic, funny, and charming, and the description is enough to get a clear picture of the setting but not too much that you drown in it. I think Keith has a real strength when it comes to developing characters; plenty of flaws, human traits, and a realistic language and dialect.

I am hoping to see this story develop into a series.

isosceles Moon


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