Fever Claim ( The Sigma Menace #1) by Marie Johnston

Cassie can’t believe it when she is dumped two weeks before her wedding. Her relationship with Grant might not have been the most passionate affair but she had thought she could depend on him. When her best friend drags her to their local club, a place she’d been with her ex, she decided to line up the shots and drown her despair. The hot bartender had other ideas. Jace wasn’t her type, in more ways than she could imagine, but she soon found herself in his arms having the most delicious time.

This novel sets up a scene where the reader can imagine any number of things that are about to go wrong. The reader cannot guess, however, at the trouble Cassie has walked into. This is a hot romance with a whole team of baddies to keep the couple in perpetual conflict. Cassie’s job in psychology gives the story a unique little twist and brings out the vulnerable in Bennett. The fast pace and the good line up of characters keep the reader hooked. This is a great start to the series and I’m particularly looking forward to reading more about Bennett, and the feisty Kaitlyn.


Fever Claim


Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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