Hammer (Riding with Wolves #1) by Faith Winslow

When Rachel loses her little brother to the gang she becomes wary of their motives, but when she loses him for good she knows who to blame. Sam Hammond is the bully she holds responsible for his death, but when she starts to investigate she realises that things are not as clear-cut as she thought, and her eyes are well and truly opened.

This book takes all the super sexy elements of a motorcycle gang and adds a little mystery and romance. Sam is hot and everything you would expect of a biker, but Rachel is very feminine, floaty, and pastel, not the kind of girl who usually hangs around biker gangs, and certainly not a groupie. Both lead characters are well-developed and realistic.

The plot is good, the story works well and the writing is good bar one thing. Everything seems to be duplicated; every sentence reiterated. It was still very readable and once you get used to the duplication you barely notice it anymore. Great read.




Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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