The Blacksmith (Tales from the Graveyard #1) by Susan Shultz

Ainsley lives next to the graveyard, and just like the many bodies interred in the ground, she harbours dark secrets. The dead are her friends and they speak to her; they understand her. There are two strong males in her life: the first is Sam, her light, and life, and the second is the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith lives in the graveyard, and he whispers to her.

This is an enchanting but disturbing story, and it couldn’t have surprised me more. The writing is poetic and haunting: the reader can tell that Ainsley is a disturbed woman by the chilling way she narrates the story even before anything untoward is disclosed. I like the Gothic feel and the romance of it. I was cheering for the Sam the whole way through and for AJ too: I wanted her to be whole and satiated. I will definitely be checking out more of her work and hope that it’s as quirky as this piece.

The Blacksmith


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