Spider’s Web (Glenmore Park Mystery #1) by Mike Omer

When a body is found in the park it sparks an investigation, and the Glenmore Park police department soon realise they are dealing with a serial killer. It’s slow going until someone decides to use a police officer as bait. Mitchell is driven mad with worry as his sister is dangled before the most dangerous man in the state.

The story started slowly with very little real action, but it soon quickened in pace until I was scared to put the book down. I did wonder at first if the police would ever be able to solve the crime, but they soon upped their game, unravelling clues, and the leads began to flow. There’s plenty of tension and suspense as the book progresses, and some fantastic detective work. The interesting hint of romance helped to liven up the characters and give a little conflict in the workplace. Good start to a new series.


Sidepers Web


Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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