Backwoods Ripper by Anna Willett

Paige and Hal take a trip into the Australian backwoods, hoping for some quality time together before the birth of their baby. When their car gets a puncture, little do they know that it is the beginning of events that will spiral into an abyss of fear.

This has to be one of the most disturbing novels that I have ever read. It was gripping to the point where I was too nervous to eat and too worried to sleep. Saying that, I loved it. The characters were brilliant: Paige was strong one minute and then did something stupid the next, which is close to human nature, let’s face it.

The writing style was well crafted and the plot was paced to pull the maximum suspense out of the story. It worked well and I would recommend this book to anyone with a strong constitution and a love for horror/suspense/thrillers.

Backwoods Ripper


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