Frugal is the New Fashion by Scarlett Evans

Frugal is the New Fashion: How to be Thrifty in a World of Economic Uncertainty (99p)

We live in a throwaway society and it feels like the world wants you to own the latest of everything, even if what you have is working just fine. It’s all about having the newest, the most up-to-date, the shiniest, and don’t get me started on buy one and get one free. Why have one when you can have three whether you need them or not?

This book will help you to live more frugally, to know when to be thrifty, and when to spend a little. These are expensive times and you might need to save for a new house or holiday, you might want to stop paying all of your wages to your electricity company, or you might just want to take things back to when you had something in your pocket at the end of the month other than your smartphone.

Living frugally doesn’t mean that you have to give everything up and go without. Some of the ideas in this book might turn into hobbies that will give you satisfaction for years to come, and maybe steer you towards a group of people that you wouldn’t normally socialize with. It’s about making choices that suit you.

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