Gold (An Elfhame Novel Book 2) By H. G. Lynch

After being kidnapped by Trey and taken to Elfhame, Oscar’s Sylph Court, Emily finds some kind of normality. She trains with Trey; she meets up with Oscar for romantic trysts and she tries not to get lost in the ever-changing halls of the court. When The King and Queen are murdered, Oscar steps up to the throne but without the crown, which was stolen, he cannot rule the court. Emily has only one true option, she must find the crown using her new powers and she must take Trey, her protector, with her.

The author has created the most beautiful and explicit world, full of charming creatures and scary monsters. It is a true fairy tale with handsome knights and princes but what sets it apart from the traditional fairy tale is that Emily is running away from the ideal marriage to the cute prince. She is strong-willed and forward thinking.

The romance between Emily and Oscar is complicated by a third party and the angst that sits between the trio is realistic and gripping. This book made me cry, be warned.



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