Hell Hounds are for Suckers (Vampires of San Francisco #2) by Jessica McBrayer

Hannah has been watching her friends pair up and is starting to feel the squeeze of being single. She doesn’t want to spend eternity on her own and as a vampire eternity is what she is facing. Then, she finds a small growling dog who immediately takes a liking to her and she’s suddenly not quite so alone.

It doesn’t take long before she realises that Hades isn’t a regular pooch and his real owner arrives shortly after looking too pretty for his own good.

This is a light and humorous book so don’t expect something deep and meaningful. You can expect a romance with a cute puppy thrown in and that was good enough for me. Hannah is an amusing character with all of the flaws and self-doubt of a human, even though she is not one. I also like the fact that she calls herself ganja girl because it’s unique in a vampire setting.

Diel is the demon we all want to meet and they are thrown together by the hell hound. It’s a cute story and it made me laugh and sometimes that’s enough.


hell hounds are for suckers


Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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