Dead Lemons by Finn Bell

Finn needs to start over; he’s not sure what he’s starting or why he chooses Riverton, all he knows that he’s come as far south as he can physically get. He begins to make new friends easily, without even trying, but somehow he manages to make enemies too.

His life, a life that he hadn’t realised that he cared about, is in danger and somehow it’s all up to him, the guy in the wheelchair with a drinking problem. He can sit back and let the enemy advance or he can fight, even though the odds are stacked against him.

Firstly, the author and the lead character have the same name; I didn’t analyse this because I was too busy reading. The book hooked me in from the start because the author has a way of really connecting with the reader. He’s funny, witty, and amusing, and he tells the truth, all of it. I don’t remember having ever read about a guy in a wheelchair before and I found the practicalities eye-opening.

Finn the character is awesome; he just doesn’t know it. I was truly scared for him at several points during the book, and at other points, I cheered him on. I also shed a few tears but I won’t be giving spoilers so you will have to find out why for yourselves.

The national identity that you get from the book is amazing; Maori culture is explored, identified, and noted historically. The genre this book belongs to isn’t easy to identify because it’s a crime-filled thriller with detective work, a psychological journey for the lead character, and it also comes across as an extremely readable auto-biography, so take your pick.  I highly recommend this book.



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