While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green

A simple trip to the park turns into every mother’s nightmare for Lisa and her family when her four years old daughter disappears. As the events unfold each character divulges their innermost feelings and the pain that accompanies them.

This book is deep and full of emotion so have the tissues at the ready. Lisa is your average modern mother; balancing work, relationships, and family life as best she can. She closes her eyes for just a moment, and most mothers can relate to the circumstances. When she opens them again her daughter has vanished without a trace. Lisa’s character is strong, as she tries to hold her emotions in check but they are continually bubbling under the surface. The tension builds and the reader doesn’t sit easily; this is far from an easy read.

Ella’s point of view is shown from her kidnapper’s and it is heart wrenching. The small child sees things that most adults don’t catch and she gives an extra dimension to the book.

This book is not for the delicate mind but it is a powerful and highly emotional read. The author has a real talent for unwinding the story in such an intricate and timely way that the reader is held in the suspense. I found it hard to put the book down because I really cared about what happened and found myself holding my breath.




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