Suicide Hotline by Tim Miller

This is a collection of mini stories linked with an overall story. It is a unique concept and begins immediately by entering a place that most of us don’t even know exists let alone find the courage to explore. The book begins on a dark note and continues on that theme but it is also surprisingly upbeat. Miller doesn’t dwell on the darkness by insinuating what’s out there and he doesn’t embellish it with regular horror jargon, he simply tells the story in a simple factual way. This allows the reader to be entertained while also being shocked, stunned, and sickened to the perfect degree.

I particularly liked the way Miller builds levels of frustration within his characters and identifying with their problems makes their Suicide Hotline solution all the more horrifying. I recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humour, love of horror, and the ability to enjoy textual gore but if you’re really hard-core, then grab the audio version.



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