Venom and Vanilla (The Venom trilogy #1) by Shannon Mayer

Alena is a successful businesswoman who thought she had her life sorted. When she catches the fatal disease that Supe’s carry she accepts her untimely death as a punishment from God, exactly how her Firstamentalist church had taught her. That is until Roger, her husband, makes a big announcement about what he has planned for her family home and the money she’d saved, not to mention her beloved bakery. Alena’s fate is soon sealed, and she enters a world full of danger, darkness, and a total lack of sleep.

Mayer takes some old themes, monsters, gods, and heroes, and moves them into a contemporary setting. This is an all action story with plenty of characters to enjoy but with one protagonist, Alena. Alena goes from being a God-fearing, duty-bound, perfect wife to a sexy, sassy, supernatural creature in the space of a few paragraphs and the transition is amazing. Her character gives us plenty of insight into her inner workings and best of all she’s funny. This is definitely a brilliant start to a series that you will want to read more of.



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Gothic Mansion Books

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