A Werewolf’s Struggle by Amber Taylor

Sara is back and her life has changed dramatically, so has Sam’s. Having been through horrifically traumatic events neither teenager escapes without mental and physical scars. Sara ends up living in the werewolf commune with her uncle but Sam still roams the wild woods, killing as he goes.

This book is not for young or sensitive readers. It is full of adult themes and definitely explores the darker side of the paranormal genre. Sara’s character doesn’t seem to get a break and reading her story can be exhausting as she travels from one bad situation to the next with Sam right behind her. Sam’s character is broken but Sara’s feelings for him constantly swing between love and hate which confuses her even more.

If you are looking for a paranormal story with an edge and a large dash of horror, then this is for you. The psychologically disturbing events and gory descriptions are as far removed from the multitude of paranormal romances on the shelves now as they can get.




Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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