Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Winston is tired of life and the control of Big Brother is tightening like a corset around his body and soul. The Thought Police monitor everything and everybody; they control the populace by removing the freedom to think, say, feel, or do anything that is not sanctioned by them. The threat of the eternal war with Oceania only serves to back up the isolation the people feel while bonds between people have been destroyed by the fear of Thoughtcrime.

This dystopian novel brings a lot to the literature table, most of which cannot be described or explained without reading the book. It has a complex world with complex rules and structures. Winston, the protagonist, tells us how it feels to live in that existence. An existence where nothing is private, not even the very furthest reaches of your mind.

The novel is disturbing, timeless, and a work of genius. Orwell has a beautiful way with words and describes soulfully how the dystopian world restricts, crushes, and destroys Winston’s mind. It is provoking and haunting.



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