The Back Road (DCI Tom Douglas #2) by Rachel Abbott

When Leo joins her sister for a housewarming party, she has her reservations. The house in question brings back bad memories as does the village and the people within it. Being a life coach she knows that memories can be fickle, and that’s exactly what they are about to find out. With a tragic accident, an abusive relationship, and a who is cheating with who, it’s a twisted web of mysteries.

The book reminds me of the dinner party mysteries because that’s where the first clues appear. Everyone has a secret and little by little Abbott releases them to the reader. Tom Douglas is not the main character, but he certainly has a starring role. It is through Leo’s eyes that we see the majority of the action and get to slowly piece together the facts.

I am a big reader of thrillers and I can usually take a good guess at who did what but there are so many levels and layers to the story that I didn’t stand a chance. Abbott’s ability to weave an intricate plot with so many characters and subplots is astounding. The fact that she keeps the story interesting and emotive at the same time is a testament to her skill.

I started this series at book two and it didn’t detract from the story at all but I will be going back to read it, anyway.



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