See How They Run by Tom Bale

When Harry and Alice are woken in the night by intruders of the worst kind they are sent spiraling into panic and fear but that is only the start of it. The men were looking for a package that was sent to someone called Renshaw, a man who is about to take Alice on a terrifying journey into an underground network of criminal activity of the worst kind.

This thriller is intense from the start and very uncomfortable. Bale isn’t shy about telling the whole story including the gory details. The characters are well-crafted and humanly flawed, they could be anyone and that’s what makes the story so disturbing. The inclusion of an eight-week-old baby heightens the fear factor and leaves the reader biting their nails.

The plot is brilliantly woven, tense and fairly fast-paced. The detail in the most terrifying parts of the story slows it down so we can really appreciate the horror of those parts. Bale really knows how to make you question the idea of safe spaces.



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