A Mom for Christmas by Patricia Kay

Tess’s life is calm and happy; when she meets the Bannister family nothing changes apart from her daydreams. When Leah Bannister dies in a terrible car accident, she can’t help but feel sorry for Francesca, David and Leah’s daughter who can’t seem to move out of her grief. When David comes to her with a proposition she knows what she wants to do but will it be too hard to bear?

Tess’s character is complex and the reader can only start to appreciate that towards the end of the book. She devotes herself to a man, who is not particularly available, with so little thought of her own well-being. David comes across as both weak and selfish but somehow still likable.

The book hooked me and I was desperate for a happy ending but it took a lot of effort to get there. I found the story a little unbelievable at times but I still enjoyed it. Despite my misgivings about their rather annoying lack of communication, I did become emotionally attached to the characters.




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