In the Shadow of Lakecrest by Elizabeth Blackwell

When Kate comes to Lakecrest having snagged a rich husband, she arrives with a truckload of secrets. What she doesn’t realise is that Matthew’s secrets are bigger and more destructive than hers. The more she delves the harder it gets to keep her sanity and with her mother-in-law’s cruel treatment of her, she wonders if she will get out of it unscathed.

This book immediately gripped me and I appreciated the gothic romance that reminded me very much of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. This story had a very similar style of narrative and a familiar chilling danger the protagonist seems to border on. It made me nervous and I couldn’t put the book down because I had grown quite attached to Kate. The uncomfortable subjects that Blackwell touches on only add to the mystery and suspense that carry the reader through the book.

As for placing the book in a specific genre, I would classify it as a gothic thriller romance with a historical backdrop.



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