The River Girl’s Song (Texas Women of Spirit #1) by Angela C. Castillo

Zillia’s life had been full of comfort before her father died and when her mother remarried a local man, she thought things would be okay. Zillia’s life changes beyond all recognition when her mother dies in childbirth leaving her to cope with a small baby, her father’s farm, and a step-father and his family who are intent on removing what little she has.

This historical romance is more of a tale of struggle and friendship. Zillia’s strength holds her life together while her friendship with her neighbour’s makes life bearable. When romance first appears Zillia is too wrapped up in her troubles to see it.

This is a very readable romance although it had none of the modern sophistication and the physical romance is limited. It concentrates on the character’s struggles, internal pain, and reason for living. It is quite refreshing.



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