Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

When a father removes his eight-year-old daughter from society, hides her in the wilderness and tells her the rest of the world has disappeared the girl had no option but to follow him. Peggy’s life goes from a simple childhood with school, best friends, and the fun of an eccentric father to a tough, grueling existence where every day is a struggle to survive.

This is a moving story of love and trust just as much as it is about the survival of a child in a near solitary existence. Peggy’s inner turmoil is as heart-wrenching as her physical struggle and the tainted coming of age theme is both beautiful and disturbing. Fuller’s nostalgic description of life through a child’s eyes is emotive and the narration flows smoothly through time, even when the events are tragic. Peggy’s character remains true even towards the end when the real darkness is revealed in its entirety.




Published by

Gothic Mansion Books

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