Valentine Witch (Heartblaze) by Shay Roberts

Isabelle is not your average human; she has a little of her father’s blood in her along with some very cool gifts but they don’t help when it comes to matters of the heart. She was warned from a young age that if a man breaks her heart, it could kill her and she’s pretty sure Luke has the power to do just that. Hope comes in the form of a witch but the hazards of making deals with an ancient being also come with a risk.

This is a brilliant little novella, introducing us to the Heartblaze world where supernatural creatures are hidden in plain sight and an ancient order is out to get them. I have grown to love Roberts’ style of writing and the world where Heartblaze is set. The characters are warm and full of intrigue and the stories are more than just simple romance. It looks like I’ll be buying the next instalment.

Valentine Witch


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