Hell’s Encore (This Dark Age #2) by John L. Monk

Jack is just trying to get by and as his colony grows so does his responsibility. Farming and food production is where he wants to divert his efforts but when a rival group comes calling everything is threatened. With his best friend MIA and the girl he likes dealing with her own problems he has to take back control and it’s not going to be pretty.

This story just gets darker as the innocent and vulnerable are dangled at the end of extinction over a sea of corruption. The book is thought provoking, and I had to stop reading several times to have an exciting debate over what I’d do under the circumstances. Needless to say, the post-apocalyptic novel explores the darkest places and with a fast pace, it keeps the reader in an uncomfortable state of nervousness.

I love this genre and Monk really pushes the boundaries. The novel is carefully researched and authentic which only adds to the readability. If this is your genre, then this is a must-read.


Hells encore


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Gothic Mansion Books

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