Extracted (Extracted Trilogy #1) by R. R. Haywood

When three extraordinary people wake up in a concrete bunker, they are understandably confused but over the next few days and then weeks things will become even more surreal. Inventing a time machine is great until it interferes with the world’s ability to exist at all. What they need are three highly intelligent, highly trained individuals to right the wrongs but extracting these people isn’t as easy as it sounds and keeping them focus turns out to be even harder.

As time travel novels go this one is high action and intriguing. The science is balanced nicely with the turmoil inside the characters’ minds. Haywood has created three well-developed and emotive characters with entirely different backgrounds, cultures, and personalities and has shown all the conflict expected and more when all three are put together at a time of extreme stress. Needless to say, I’m hooked on the characters just as much as the story itself.




Fight (Caged Trilogy #2) by H. G. Lynch

Having been caught and made prisoner once again, Tilly is helpless. The fact that Dominic is incarcerated with her makes everything worse. She doesn’t dare resist the witches request because Dominic will pay for it in pain and the witches know just how to cause pain.

The first book in the series brought up plenty of questions and many of them are answered in this story. Tilly’s whole life has been one long sentence of misery and servitude but that doesn’t stop her falling in love. Her strength and endurance shine through even when others around her turn their backs.

Frank’s orders cause major conflict and Tilly is still pulled between the two male wolves like an eternal triangle. This is not just a love story. Lynch is particularly adept at pulling readers into the action and creating an addictive story.



The Blackwater Legacy (Bloodlines Legacy #2) by Apryl Baker

When Saidie starts college, she meets a group of people who she becomes firm friends with. They all seem to have a supernatural element to them and she doesn’t mind being the only normal human amongst them. The trouble is she isn’t a regular human, but it takes the not so fresh, recently buried, animated corpse of her dead dog to tell her that something is amiss.

When Alex’s uncle sends Saidie away to learn how to use her newly awakened gift of necromancy, she hopes to be able to control her unpredictable gift but something terrible is going on in the colonial plantation and she is trapped.

Saidie’s gift makes for an interesting character and I was hooked on the story from the start. Full zombie action is interwoven with love interest and although they seem an unlikely mix they work. This book was even better than the first in the series and I can’t wait to read the next. Baker has an addictive style of writing that leaves you hungry for more.


Blackwater legacy

Ride by Roxie Noir

Mae has to put her career first. It doesn’t matter that the man she’s going to photograph was the man she almost lost her virginity to or that his looks were so distracting she could barely think straight. He was the reason she’d put her heart and soul into her career in the first place. There’s nothing like being caught drunk, half-naked, and horny in the back of a pickup truck and it had made her swear off alcohol. Mae was a serious photographer.

Jackson had a reputation to uphold, and it meant living on the edge and never sleeping alone. Knowing the name of the buckle-bunny in his bed wasn’t a requirement so long as he remained lucky in the ring. That is, until Mae shows up; the girl that got away.

This is a sweet romance with plenty of ouch moments and not just the ones that require hospital treatments. Mae’s a strong character but Jackson’s lifestyle is hard to comprehend. The steamy scenes are tasteful and amusing as is the humour between the couple making it a great read.



Run (Caged Trilogy #1) by H. G. Lynch

Tilly finally escapes her captors and runs for freedom. The forest, usually her friend, seems alien and full of dark surprises but just as she thinks she’ll succumb to the darkness she is rescued. Three handsome brothers are among her saviours and it doesn’t take her long to lose her heart but with a past that is hell-bent on catching up with her can she afford to stay and risk her friends’ lives?

This paranormal story is a little different, and it offers a new perspective on the young adult and paranormal genres. Lynch unwinds the story at a fairly fast pace but allows us to indulge in a little romance in between. The imagery is full and expansive without going into long description and the scenes are vibrant.

I’ve read books by this author before and she has a very fresh and lively character development skill. Tilly, Spencer, and Dominick are easy to relate to and very likable and I’m looking forward to seeing Tilly get her man in the next instalment.



Hell’s Encore (This Dark Age #2) by John L. Monk

Jack is just trying to get by and as his colony grows so does his responsibility. Farming and food production is where he wants to divert his efforts but when a rival group comes calling everything is threatened. With his best friend MIA and the girl he likes dealing with her own problems he has to take back control and it’s not going to be pretty.

This story just gets darker as the innocent and vulnerable are dangled at the end of extinction over a sea of corruption. The book is thought provoking, and I had to stop reading several times to have an exciting debate over what I’d do under the circumstances. Needless to say, the post-apocalyptic novel explores the darkest places and with a fast pace, it keeps the reader in an uncomfortable state of nervousness.

I love this genre and Monk really pushes the boundaries. The novel is carefully researched and authentic which only adds to the readability. If this is your genre, then this is a must-read.


Hells encore

Wives of War by Soraya Lane

Scarlet’s desire to find her fiancé, Thomas, is her priority when she joins the war effort as a nurse. Within hours she has formed a firm friendship with an Irish girl and together they learn just what it means to be a nurse in the midst of war. When Scarlet meets a handsome soldier before leaving England she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him and no amount of guilt can tear her heart away but the brutality of war is about to come crashing down on them all and romance becomes the last thing on their minds.

This is an emotional story about friendship and love but it’s not a straightforward romance. The era has been carefully researched and as we follow the lives of these women as they enter unimaginable horror we get a realistic preview into what it really would have been like.

The story kept me emotionally invested as well as intrigued. It is much deeper than your standard romance and the details are sometimes gory and tragically true to history. It is a book with historic value and most definitely a tearjerker.


Wives of war