Cruel to be Kind by Cathy Glass

Author’s Synopsis

Cruel To Be Kind is the true story of Max, aged 6. He is fostered by Cathy while his mother is in hospital with complications from type 2 diabetes. Fostering Max gets off to a bad start when his mother, Caz, complains and threatens Cathy even before Max has moved in. Cathy and her family are shocked when they first meet Max. But his social worker isn’t the only one in denial; his whole family are too.

My Views

This story was both incredibly sad and uplifting. Glass’ memoirs are beautifully and honestly told, and the story is full of heartbreak and tragedy. Glass doesn’t tint the memory to give it an angle, and this honesty is difficult to hear but it isn’t all sad. The author’s ability to make a difference both physically and emotionally is what the story is about and also the reason why it should be told. She’s one of life’s angels.

Cruel to be Kind


Save a Truck, Ride a Redneck (Southern Eclectic #0.5) by Molly Harper

Author’s Synopsis

Carl and Marianne were high school sweethearts, loving the way only teenagers can—with no thought to logic or pride, just a bone-headed, optimistic frenzy of unicorns and hormones. That was all they needed. Or so Carl thought.

Scared of being stuck in Lake Sackett, Georgia, like so many of her friends—without a real shot at a future or achieving her own dreams—Marianne panicked and bolted to college after stomping Carl’s heart into the high grass. But when she returns to Lake Sackett for the summer with her family after years away, she and Carl are drawn together like moths to a flame. As they rekindle their old romance and remember what it was like to be in love, they have to wonder: is this, finally, their real chance at happiness?

My Views

Molly Harper never fails to entertain me and this story was just as sweet as her usual although a little shorter.

Marianne plans to spend her three-month vacation back in the sleepy town of Lake Sackett but she soon reconnects with her old life and heading back to the city doesn’t seem so sparkly anymore.

The shortness of this story and the lack of depth is a disappointment, but that’s only because I love Harper’s use of wit and it was less apparent in this book. The story was still cute, and the romance was there but I’d love to have heard Carl’s voice in this.

save a truck

The Thief (Black Dagger Brotherhood #16) by J. R. Ward

Author’s Synopsis

Having allied themselves with the Band of Bastards, the Brotherhood is committed now more than ever to eradicating the Lessening Society. Recovering from their most recent battle against the last of the lessers, the Brotherhood comes to realize that the fight against their enemies is far from over.

Throe, Xcor’s former second in command, is using an ancient tome to summon a new army engineered by a force more dangerous and evil than the Omega.

And now the brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood will be tested both at home and on the battlefield.

My Views

This series just gets better: the vampires get hotter, the strong female leads get sassier, and the plot continually evolves into something more satisfying. Readers may be forgiven if they start to think of the Black Dagger world as real.

Sola may be a strong woman but her grandmother is stronger so when she’s called back into the danger zone how can she say no. It might destroy her but the chance to say goodbye to the love of her life is something she can’t deny. While Vishous’ life is spiralling into a dark abyss but with a new threat on the streets, he has no option but to deal with it the only way he can.

This latest instalment in the Black Dagger world made me laugh, cry, and feel completely lost when I’d finished it. Book hangovers have never been so prevalent; roll on the next instalment.

the thief

Bottling It (A Wayfair Witches Cozy Mystery) by A. A. Albright

Author’s Synopsis

Wanda Wayfair is a bit of a late starter.

At almost twenty-one she still hasn’t received her magical powers, and she’s running out of time. But that doesn’t bother Wanda. Much. Not when she can spend all of her time in the human world and pretend that her coven doesn’t exist. But when Wanda takes a job at Berrys’ Bottlers, working with the handsome Will Berry and his unpleasant Aunt Alice, she soon realises that she’s a lot closer to the magical world than she thought.

All over Dublin, humans are murdering witches. When asked why, all they’ll say is, ‘I dunno why I done it.’ But Wanda thinks she does know why they’ve done it – and hopefully she’ll receive her power in time to help her coven discover the truth.

My Views

Wanda is used to being a witch without any powers so when strange things start to happen to her she brushes them aside. Starting a new job under the steamy gaze of Will Berry and the ever-watchful eye of his judgemental aunt are hard enough but moving to a new house with plenty of surprises should top her over the edge but it’s the talking rat that catches her focus once more.

This cosy mystery is not all that cosy when the main character is in constant motion but it makes up for that by introducing the reader to a whole new world with some really cool characters. I can’t say that I’m going to miss the rat when I pick up book two in this series but I’m sure Wanda will have a new friend to keep her ultra-busy.

Bottling It


The Alamo (John Milton #11) by Mark Dawson

Author’s Synopsis

John Milton has finally found a place to escape the bloodshed: off-season Coney Island. No tourists. No special ops. Just peace and quiet. But when a local boy witnesses a grisly murder, Milton can’t resist investigating.

Milton uncovers a vicious drug kingpin and a group of crooked cops from a notorious precinct known as “The Alamo.” Against such dangerous foes, Milton’s quest for redemption could come to an end.

My Views

No matter where John goes he always runs into trouble and this time is no exception. Wanting to help a family suffering from a bad neighbourhood he begins to root out the evil but pretty soon he’s the one being questioned and he’s not sure who he can trust.

I’m a big fan of the John Milton series but my favourite of the stories are the ones which involved children. John Milton maybe a hard-arsed killer but there’s still a soft centre in there and the innocent bring it out. Milton is a strangely likeable character and I am kind of hoping he gets some romance further down the line – hint, hint Dawson…

The Alamo.jpg

The Story of Son by J. R. Ward

Author’s Synopsis

Held captive by a dark, seductive vampire with an unworldly hunger, the beautiful Claire Stroughton fears her life as a lawyer has irrevocably taken a turn for the worse. But when this deeply sensual-and highly dangerous-vampire convinces Claire that his desire for her is stronger than his lust for blood, she is compelled to give everything up to him, body and soul…

My Views

This delicious romance is reminiscent of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast but in this story, the beast’s betrayal is not of his own doing. This story is set in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world but is not actually a part of their story and that works just fine because anyone can read this, but if you are a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, then you will love this book twice over.

Claire is a sweet character, but she’s also brimming with strength and Ward writes strong female leads like no other. Without giving any spoilers away I will just say that Son is one of the sweetest characters ever to be portrayed as a beast. This book is a tearjerker and completely addictive.

The Story of Son

Dearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood #15.5) by J. R. Ward

Author’s Synopsis

The last place Ivie expects to be approached by a devastatingly handsome male is in a crowded, smoky cigar bar rarely frequented by vampires-yet here he stands. Silas is flirtatious, gallant, and, above all, mysterious. Ivie is anything but. A nurse at the healer’s clinic and the daughter of a biker, Ivie is accustomed to speaking her mind. So she does. Since aristocrats rarely pick up females of her class, Ivie asks Silas just what kind of game he thinks he’s playing.

Despite her guarded exterior, Ivie surrenders to the fierce desire she feels for Silas. And yet, just as their courtship is heating up, he reveals that it cannot last, for he is bound to return to the Old Country. Their bond only deepens as they make the most of their precious time together. But when she learns the truth, Ivie must find a saving grace-before all is lost. . .

My Views

Before settling down to read this book grab a box of tissues because you will cry, there is no escape. Ward is renowned for creating super-sexy characters and steamy hot bedroom scenes but don’t underestimate her ability to pull on your heartstrings.

Ivie is a strong female lead, and this is a common feature in Ward’s novels but if you are familiar with the Black Dagger series, you will love hearing from the other side. Ivie is a regular vamp without a title and designer wardrobe. Silas is your typical glymera hottie but with a vulnerable side that just makes the reader melt.

I’m hoping to see more additions like this to the Black Dagger world because I can’t get enough of it.

dearest ivie