A Horrible Night – Bestseller #7

My book of horror short stories is number 7 in the bestseller short story category. I would love for it to reach number 1.

A Horrible Night only 99p

A Horrible Night is a collection of short horror stories designed to make you feel uncomfortable. Taking you out of the comfort of your armchair and into a creepy world where serial killers lurk in the darkness just a few steps away and the ghost in your 1930s semi is out to kill your boyfriend. Just as you start to feel safe the carpet will be whipped from under your feet and the icy claws of an ancient monster will catch you mid-fall. Inanimate objects cannot be trusted and death is not the easy way out.





Dec bestseller 7


Eggs for Breakfast by Nancy Kelsey

This recipe book is centred completely on eggs, and having a family full of vegetarians I found it very useful. The way it is set out makes it particularly easy to follow and easy to navigate between the recipes. It’s great to see photos in recipes books on Kindle, as so many books don’t include them, but this book had a full colour picture for each recipe. This book is a brilliant addition to any cook’s Kindle collection.


Eggs for Breakfast

Free for Christmas

Bite Me: All Change – the first in the Bite Me series


Saffron knows when a curse is really a blessing. Having been thrown into the world of werewolves Saffron learns to adapt, but in the process falls in love with a dangerous young vampire. Arthur is dark, moody and gorgeous, not to mention a vampire, but he is equally poisonous. Their world is thrown upside down when the poison threatens to kill the young couple and they embark on a dangerous journey as the Council hunt them down.

All Change is the first book in the shifter series Bite Me, where paranormal romance, epic adventure and action get together.





Evil Games by Angela Marsons

I somehow managed to bypass the first book in the series and go straight to book two, but it didn’t have any negative impact on the story, thankfully. I really enjoyed the characters and their interactions. The psychological aspects were well written and vibrant, with lots of realistic evidence of psychiatric problems. The story played out with perfect timing and the little hint at a future love interest satisfied the romantic in me. I am now going to read book one before progressing on to book three.2015-12-02-11.31.57.png.png