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Gnerations Don’t Die: Daisy & the Dead series book 1

My latest book is 99p until 29 January but you can always try a sample for free first:

Daisy and her team uncover long forgotten mysteries in order to put souls to rest but the path of a psychic is fraught with danger and the team risk life and limb to get to the truth.
Will they set the children free from the grasp of an evil sadist ghost? How will they ease the suffering and horror of generations who can’t seem to control their angry impulses?
Join Daisy and her ghost hunting detective team for their latest mystery.

Coming Soon – Bite Me: All Change

Coming soon!

Bite me: All Change is the first book in the series, it focuses on a group of teenagers who are not just dealing with the usual teenage problems like love, parents who don’t understand them and hormones but they also have to deal with the fact that they are not fully human.

Arthur is a vampire who was born to a human mother and a turned vamp father; he falls for a newly turned werewolf girl. This would be fine but for the fact that the species cannot even touch each other for fear of the poison that stands in between them. When holding hands can be a death sentence how are they going to manage their feelings for each other?

Jack was turned the year before but has starved the wolf inside by continuing to live a vegetarian existence, will the starving wolf survive?

The council were designed to protect the supernatural species but what is their agenda and who are they really helping?

Find out soon.