Urban Exploring in Sussex

I’ve always enjoyed exploring. I grew up on the outskirts of London and there was always something to explore, often further than I was supposed to go, but that never stopped me. Fences, gates and ‘Keep Out’ signs didn’t stop me either; as a teenager, I seemed to consider their messages an optional instruction and I opted out.

The mystery around these properties, along with my vivid imagination hooked me in and of course, I’d found some like-minded friends. These expeditions usually took place in the daytime with little key ring torches and quite often ended with security guards and caretakers chasing us away.

These days I’m a little more careful; I have a fear of breaking myself and I’m not in a hurry to be arrested. I still go exploring and I still ignore the ‘optional’ warning signs. I’m in the process of making a website to let everyone know what there is in my local area to explore. Some of the places are open and free, some are locked tight and others are pay per view. If you would like me to include anywhere you think is relevant, please drop me an email, but first, please check out my site:


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Book Reviews

Need a book reviewed? I review books through Fiverr (link below) and post the reviews to Amazon UK/US/CA/AUS, Goodreads and my website which I then link to Pinterest, Tsu, Twitter and Tumblr. My reviews are honest and enthusiastic and the purchase will be a verified one.


Have a look at my website to see if I am the reviewer for you 🙂


A Horrible Night – A collection of ghostly & horrific short stories

A Horrible nights cover

A Horrible Night only 99p
A Horrible Night is a collection of short horror stories designed to make you feel uncomfortable. Taking you out of the comfort of your armchair and into a world where serial killers lurk in the darkness just a few steps away and the ghost in your 1930s semi is out to kill your boyfriend. Just as you start to feel safe the carpet will be whipped from under your feet and the icy claws of an ancient monster will catch you mid-fall. Inanimate objects cannot be trusted and death is not the easy way out.



A collection of ghostly stories to chill

Bite Me book 2

Bite Me 2 frontf

Bite Me: All Angels go to Heaven
Book 2 in the Bite Me Series

Jameson is a bad angel; he enjoys women, liquor and, well, sin in general. When he fell from the Kingdom, he was given the opportunity to earn his residency back by doing some angel assignments. When Jameson meets Melissa for the first time he’s tempted to follow his lust but keeping her safe turns out to be harder than he thought. As Melissa’s enemies rack up, so do Jameson’s, but he soon finds friends in strange places.

His first assignment to save a group of teenagers from the Council comes back to bite him and his options run low.

Can he protect Melissa from her enemies and his own?



teaser bite me 2

New cover for All Change, Bite Me book 1

Bite Me 1 front

Bite Me: All Change – the first in the Bite Me series

Saffron knows when a curse is really a blessing. Having been thrown into the world of werewolves Saffron learns to adapt, but in the process falls in love with a dangerous young vampire. Arthur is dark, moody and gorgeous, not to mention a vampire, but he is equally poisonous. Their world is thrown upside down when the poison threatens to kill the young couple and they embark on a dangerous journey as the Council hunt them down.


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WEXS2ZGposter for bite me 1