Miss Frost Saves the Sandman: A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost #3) by Kristen Painter

Miss Frost saves the sandman

Author’s Synopsis

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. Jayne Frost is a lot of things. Winter elf, Jack Frost’s daughter, Santa Claus’s niece, heir to the Winter Throne and now… private investigator. Sort of.

When the Sandman comes to Santa’s Workshop, the shop Jayne manages, to do his first ever book signing, it’s a major event. He’s kind of a supernatural celebrity and she needs to keep him happy. All is well until trouble shows up at the party thrown in his honor. Trouble in the form of Luna Nyx, the Mistress of Nightmares and his creepy counterpart. The Sandman’s assistant says Luna is dangerous, and Jayne believes it when her dreams turn dark. Can Jayne keep the Sandman safe from this gothic goddess? Or will Luna’s threats put them both to sleep for good?

My Views 

Jayne Frost is back along with a few friends including the adorable Spider, her talking cat. Not only is she dating two of the best-looking men in town but she’s also right at the heart of yet another crime. Who knew a winter elf could have so much fun?

I am a little addicted to Spider. Jayne is great fun, but the cat is my favourite character. This story is yet another easy read mystery with a light and breezy feel. The magic and mystery are charming as are the characters. I must admit that I can’t wait to find out who Jayne chooses out of her eager dates but my money is on the vampire.



Broken Melody: A Twisted Vampire Tale by Jospeh Kiel

Author’s Synopsis

Carefree student Melody Freeman has just woken up with a hangover from hell, no memory of the night before and two bite marks on her neck. With a nagging desire to find out just what she got up to last night, she again hits the city with her best friend Rachel to retrace their steps.

What follows soon descends towards another night of forgotten debauchery until Melody learns the truth: last night she was infected… by a vampire. Worse still, a group of vampire slayers have captured her and when the sun comes up the next morning and fangs sprout from her mouth, Melody will be executed.

But that is unless she can undo the transformation by finding the very vampire that infected her and killing him. Melody and Rachel set out on the hunt into the forbidden corners of Meridian on the ultimate all-nighter. It will be a night of warped challenges and perversions, filled with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. A twisted race against time before she turns…
My Views

This full-action book is refreshingly British. Melody isn’t the kind of character you want to fully identify with but secretly you get her, you’ve been her, and you still hanker after her zest for life. Kiel has created a seedy underground world within a fictional, albeit typically British, city and filled it with mysterious paranormal creatures and regular human lowlifes. The story is a journey where Melody’s life remains precariously balanced but that doesn’t stop her on her quest.

This novel is darkly funny, intriguing, and strangely emotional. The cover really suits the book and I hope Kiel creates some kind of series out of this standalone story because the characters are desperate to come out to play.


Broken Melody

Crash (Westside Wolf Pack #1) by Zoe Perdita

Author’s Synopsis

The sexy tattooed wolf threw away his chances of ever becoming pack alpha at seventeen, and Ben, the pack’s omega, has no idea why. Ben Singer has been in love with Axel from the time they were teenagers. Ben thought they were mates, but Axel tore Ben’s heart into pieces and stomped that dream into the mud.

When Axel’s uncle kicks Ben out of their Pittsburgh pack, it’s the chance the omega has been waiting for. Then Axel demands to accompany the smaller wolf. He’s determined to go with Ben, even if the omega doesn’t want him around. While desire stirs between Axel and Ben, years of heartache haunt them. Can the alpha and omega let go of their past in order to find a bright new future together?


My Views

This book captivated me immediately. Ben’s character is warm and eternally hopeful and as the story progresses we see just how strong he is. Axel’s hardship is heartbreaking but the tough character wears it like a badge of honour as any knight in shining armour would. Perdita unfolds pieces of backstory along the way and it flows smoothly against the current time plot, creating a highly emotive and un-put-downable novel.



Jane Austen ay Home by Lucy Worsley

Author’s Synopsis

On the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, historian Lucy Worsley leads us into the world in which our best-loved novelist lived.

This new telling of the story of Jane’s life shows us how and why she lived as she did, examining the rooms, spaces and possessions which mattered to her, and the way in which home is used in her novels to mean both a place of pleasure and a prison. It wasn’t all country houses and ballrooms, in fact her life was often a painful struggle.

Jane famously lived a ‘life without incident’, but with new research and insights Lucy Worsley reveals a passionate woman who fought for her freedom. A woman who far from being a lonely spinster in fact had at least five marriage prospects, but who in the end refused to settle for anything less than Mr Darcy.

My Views

This is more than the biography I was expecting, it is a complete illustration of everyone’s life in Jane’s era. Worsley’s attention to detail has included everything that you could possibly want to know about life during that period: domestic, political, work life, leisure. It is more than a little eye-opening.

I loved this book and I think that every woman should read it, as should every Jane Austen fan, every history lover, every author, and anyone that falls in between. This, in my view, is a must read and an educational tool but most of all it is a celebration of a woman who paved the way for every female author since.


jane austen at home.jpg

Sweet Tea and Sympathy (Southern Eclectic #1) by Molly Harper

When Margot’s city life comes crashing down around her in spectacular fashion, she doesn’t realise just how far-reaching the effects will be. As she becomes the laughingstock of the internet, she loses heart but a surprise call gives her another option. The family business funeral home isn’t exactly what she’d trained for but the hot teacher Kyle certainly keeps life interesting.

This romance has Harper’s unique blend of humour and a big dash of emotion making it a great read. Margot is a likeable character and when things go wrong for her, it reminds the reader that we all carry embarrassing stories that we’d rather not go viral. The situation between Margot and her father was a particularly sore spot for me personally but by the end of the book, I felt like I’d taken something important from the story.


Sweet tea and sympathy

Embrace the Wind (Ailynn’s Story #2) by Susan Denning

Aislynn, having lost her husband puts her trust in a man who immediately lets her down. She runs to the only other person she knows she can trust, leaving behind her everyone that she knows and loves. Life is hard for women of the frontier but with Orrin Sage’s help Aislynn forges a life for herself and makes friends in the unfriendly Wild West.

I loved this book and its predecessor. I became emotionally invested in the strong female lead, Aislynn, quickly and followed her journey on the edge of my seat. The historical content was accurate and the story of the women and children surrounding her was emotional and difficult. I cheered for the heroine every step of the way and every time she fell, so did I.

This book is a romance story, but that isn’t all it is. If you want to know how frontier women struggled to survive, this book will show you and humble you. I am looking forward to hearing more from this author.


Embrace the wind

School for Spirits: A Dead Girl and a Samurai by Aron Lewes

When Leigh walks home from a party she doesn’t expect it to be the end of her life or the beginning of another life but that’s what happens. With her guardian angel in tears, she enters the School for Spirits and finds that death is definitely not the end, it’s not even the end of school.

The concept behind this book really intrigued me but the story itself was even better. Leigh is your average teenager and seeing her new ‘life’ through her innocent eyes made me laugh and cry. Battling an obsessive roommate, a seriously hot angel, and a moody mentor she has to get to grips with the highly emotional whims and wishes of the living.

The story is sweet, funny, and emotional and most definitely not just for teenagers.


School for Spirits