The Accidental Sire (Half-Moon Hollow #6) by Molly Harper

Who plays ultimate Frisbee with weights, anyway?

When a vampire game turns into a tragedy at a human-vampire mixer, Megan finds herself turning to the vamp side. That near death experience is the beginning of a run of bad luck for Megan and anyone who gets close to her. Between Jane’s expert guidance and her newfound skills, not to mention a new on-off boyfriend, can Megan get to the bottom of the mystery that she has become?

This is another great example of Harper’s work. A mixture of sweet, sexy, and funny with an extra dose of Southern humour and you’ve got a great read. I’m even getting used to the freaky child vampire with the psychotic tendencies. The only thing I will say about this author is that she doesn’t write quick enough, I’m ready for the next instalment.

Accidental Sire


Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy #2) by J. R. Ward

When Axe joins the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s Training program he intends to stay at arm’s length from the others especially Peyton and his Glymera pals. When a chance meeting throws him in the path of the lovely Elise all bets are off. Not only does he become her bodyguard, but he also finds a connection that he’d never believed was possible.

This is not just a romance but a coming of age novel. Axe finds more out about himself than he knew existed and becomes a valuable member of the team through his brave actions. Elise is yet another strong female as per Ward’s usual style but her character is also determined and challenging. The bond between the pair is strong but the reasons for them not to be together are getting in the way, causing a friction for all those around.

The story is yet another beautifully romantic episode to the Black Dagger Legacy with its intricately crafted world and amazing full-bodied characters.

Blood Vow

Valentine Witch (Heartblaze) by Shay Roberts

Isabelle is not your average human; she has a little of her father’s blood in her along with some very cool gifts but they don’t help when it comes to matters of the heart. She was warned from a young age that if a man breaks her heart, it could kill her and she’s pretty sure Luke has the power to do just that. Hope comes in the form of a witch but the hazards of making deals with an ancient being also come with a risk.

This is a brilliant little novella, introducing us to the Heartblaze world where supernatural creatures are hidden in plain sight and an ancient order is out to get them. I have grown to love Roberts’ style of writing and the world where Heartblaze is set. The characters are warm and full of intrigue and the stories are more than just simple romance. It looks like I’ll be buying the next instalment.

Valentine Witch

Rape Van by Tim Miller

Andy and Bridget have learned the secret to a successful relationship, and that is to support each other’s hobbies. The couple have been supporting each other’s sadistic pastimes for years and it looks like it’s time to pay only the police are nowhere in sight.

This is another great slasher horror from Miller. The concept is simple and brilliant but the characters are what really makes the book. Seeing life from a serial killer’s point of view is always an interesting perspective but couple that with a little devious double-crossing and add a really messed up child and you have a recipe for entertainment.

Break out the popcorn but hold the sauce, this book contains Miller’s fabulous gore-factor.



BIG (A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance) by Emme Rollins

Ric Ryker managers to change his life around so when his former step-sister sees him again, he is a new man. Annalesa might not recognise him at their graduation party but the same feelings are there. Her love for the man who has been a constant in her life until recently doesn’t change even after his silence and transformation. To her, he is always perfect. Ric never believed anyone could truly love him and is hell-bent on a path of revenge where everyone gets hurt.

This is more than just a forbidden romance; it is a tale of revenge, pain, discovery, and serious arms deals. Rollins has taken the romance of step siblings and framed it in a setting of business and self-discovery. Her characters are complex and their enduring love isn’t straightforward.

The story is a unique one spanning two continents and many countries with their culture and language differences. It is also full of complicated emotional scenes so keep the tissues handy.



Paint It Red (Mindf*ck #5) by S. T. Abby

Logan knows the truth but what will he do with it? As Lana enters the last phase of her quest for revenge things heat up. Lana’s pain makes her put her own life in danger and with Logan out of the picture she is on her own.

The finale of the series is spectacular. The romance between the star-crossed lovers reaches a crescendo, and the town is ready to fall. I won’t give any spoilers away but the ending surprised me, brought me more emotions than a serial killer should evoke, and left me feeling satiated. Abby has found a formula creating a unique and brilliantly addictive series, excelled at leaving cliff-hangers to die for, and created a stone cold killer that the reader easily falls in love with. Job done.